My School CD Record at Paddox Primary School, Rugby, Warwickshire

On 15th June 2016 we spent the day recording Paddox Primary School's CD.

Here's some feedback we received from Charlotte Maloney from Paddox Primary School who worked with us to complete what has been a fantastic project:
"Wow! What a great project to be part of! Today, I have doubled my car journey because I couldn't stop listening to the CD on the way home from work.

The sound engineer has done a great job of recording the children and editing the tracks to make sure they sound great. I was particularly impressed with the echo he used for soloists and the fade in/fade out effects for some of the songs.

The project has run smoothly and efficiently with little work needed from school staff. The letter templates are easy to adapt and send out and if you follow the step-by-step instructions you can't go wrong. A great addition to the project was the artwork competition- the children loved designing a front cover and their competition entries have made a great school display. 

The recording day was great fun for both children and staff. It really helped to create a sense of community by bringing everyone together to sing.

Overall, it was a great project and I would definitely recommend it to other schools!'

Charlotte Maloney, Paddox Primary School, Rugby
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