My School CD Record at Harper Bell Seventh-Day Adventist Primary School, Birmingham

On 9th March 2018, we spent the day with Harper Bell Seventh-Day Adventist Primary School recording a selection of worship songs for their CD. They sounded absolutely fabulous and had a great day!

Here's a few pictures from their recording and sneaky preview of one of their songs :-)
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My School CD Record at Pennine Way Junior Academy, Derbyshire

On 1st December 2017, My School CD recorded a whole school CD at Pennine Way Junior Academy in Derbyshire. It was a great day and the children had lots of fun recording songs with their class. The school band, and choirs took part too, along with a great rendition of Do They Know It's Christmas? performed by the staff.

Hear what Anna Haines, the school's music co-ordinator had to say about her experience recording a CD with us:
"I just wanted to email to thank you for the CDs. The sound quality is fantastic and we are really impressed with the cover too!".

Anna Haines, Pennine Way Junior Academy, Derbyshire

My School CD Record at Cogenhoe Primary School, Northampton

On 27th November 2017, My School CD spent the day in Northampton, recording a whole school Christmas CD for Cogenhoe Primary School. As part of their project, the school received a free 30-player African drum and percussion set.

We've received some lovely comments from Annie Phillips, the school's music co-ordinator, about their experience recording a CD with us:
"Someone said to me yesterday "Did you know that there was a box with your name on it?" - I didn't, but I do now!  What a brilliant gift, thank you so much. I unpacked the Monkey Drum Set with Years 1 and 2 and they were thrilled!  It will make a real difference to my music lessons. 

Overall, our experience with My School CD was fantastic and we have made some happy memories for the children of our school.  The finished product was lovely and we were all very impressed with it. Thanks so much, we'll be in touch again!"

Annie Phillips, Cogenhoe Primary School, Northampton
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My School CD Record at Codsall Middle School, Wolverhampton

On 6th April 2017 My School CD spent the day at Codsall Middle School in Wolverhampton to record a selection of class songs, instrumental groups and songs from the school choir.

It was a great day and the finished CD looked amazing!
"We are so pleased with the CD recording experience you gave us! From the moment we were first in touch, the communication, instructions and support were just brilliant. It's a big job organising for the whole school to take part, but every time I needed to ask a question, or change my mind (again and again!), Ann-Marie was always on hand to come up with solutions, or go the extra mile to make it a great result for us.

The day itself was smooth and simply no hassle. Our recording engineer was professional, helpful, and great with the kids.

The CD itself was a total success - our pupils produced fabulous artwork and they just looked brilliant. All in all, a great experience and a great result. Thank you so much - I would definitely recommend you to any school"

Beverley Smith, Music Co-ordinator, Codsall Middle School
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My School CD Record at Four Oaks Primary School, Sutton Coldfield

On 7th February 2017, My School CD spent the day with Four Oaks Primary School in Sutton Coldfield recording songs with the whole school.

Here is what Emma Denton the school's music co-ordinator said about their recording day:
"Every child in the school sang in at least one song. The juniors sang altogether on two songs and the infants sang together on one song. Then each year group recorded their own song. The school's string section and choir also took part.

They loved it! There was a real buzz in the school. There are some pupils who are more shy than others and this was a really good confidence boost for them".

My School CD Record at Wrockwardine Wood CE Junior School, Telford

On 24th June 2016, we spent the day in Telford, recording a whole school CD with Wrockwardine Wood CE Junior School. The recording day was a great success!

Here is some feedback from Rebekah Hilton, the school's music co-ordinator:
"Thank you so much. We had great fun recording our CD! The staff and children all enjoyed themselves and I am sure they will take away many great memories from the day. Mark, the recording engineer was fantastic and so helpful, especially as this was the first time we have recorded a CD. We cannot wait to receive our CDs!"

Rebekah Hilton, Wrockwardine Wood CE Junior School, Telford.
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My School CD Record at Paddox Primary School, Rugby, Warwickshire

On 15th June 2016 we spent the day recording Paddox Primary School's CD.

Here's some feedback we received from Charlotte Maloney from Paddox Primary School who worked with us to complete what has been a fantastic project:
"Wow! What a great project to be part of! Today, I have doubled my car journey because I couldn't stop listening to the CD on the way home from work.

The sound engineer has done a great job of recording the children and editing the tracks to make sure they sound great. I was particularly impressed with the echo he used for soloists and the fade in/fade out effects for some of the songs.

The project has run smoothly and efficiently with little work needed from school staff. The letter templates are easy to adapt and send out and if you follow the step-by-step instructions you can't go wrong. A great addition to the project was the artwork competition- the children loved designing a front cover and their competition entries have made a great school display. 

The recording day was great fun for both children and staff. It really helped to create a sense of community by bringing everyone together to sing.

Overall, it was a great project and I would definitely recommend it to other schools!'

Charlotte Maloney, Paddox Primary School, Rugby
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My School CD Record at Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School, Pershore, Worcestershire.

On 13th March 2015 we spent the day recording Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School's CD.

"Today a recording company visited school to record our School CD, celebrating the breadth of fantastic singing that takes place across our school from Year R to Year 6. Each class recorded a class song, or songs, the choir performed a selection of songs from their current repertoire, KS 2 performed a medley of songs from their up and coming production of Treasure Island, KS 1 performed a medley from their Christmas nativity and the whole school sang together some of our favourite school songs. It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to get the demo back and listen to it!"

Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School

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My School CD Record at Astwood Bank First School, Redditch

On 2nd December 2013, My School CD spent the day recording a whole school CD with Astwood Bank First School in Redditch.

As well as a free recording day, we provided the school with a free 30 player Monkey Drum Set from Primary Percussion, which the school then used to create an original composition as part of the My School CD Competition.

Astwood Bank's video entry won the competition and their prize was a full day African drumming and dance workshop with London-based Wuntanara.

Hear what Joe George, the school's music co-ordinator, had to say about his experience working with us:
"Our experience working with My School CD has been nothing short of amazing! We made our recording back in 2013 and the whole school was thrilled with the outcome. We received excellent support and advice during the build-up and the recording day itself was extremely satisfying. We felt like real professionals and the quality of the finished CD was superb. The production options were clear and we went into the project knowing that we would likely make a couple of hundred pounds profit which we then used to purchase a splendid set of handbells and to replace some of our old glockenspiels. We also received a 30 player African percussion set as a gift from My School CD simply for taking part in the recording day, and this has had a lot of use throughout the school and has been very well received by the children.

We then were invited to use our lovely new African instruments to make a further video recording in order to enter a competition, again hosted by My School CD. The process of writing and recording this video was extremely engaging and the whole school got behind the project and were delighted when we eventually won! The prize for this was an African drumming and dance full day workshop from London-based Wuntanara. This workshop was carried out in February 2015, and again, the whole school was full of music and that infectious and joyful African vibe!

What a journey! A professional CD recorded, for free, a lovely set of African percussion, for free, money raised for other new instruments, a Youtube video and competition win, and a tremendous day with Wuntanara!"

Joe George, Astwood Bank First School, Redditch
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