My School CD Record at Dunston Hill Community Primary School, Gateshead

On 20th October 2017, My School CD headed to Gateshead to record a whole school CD for Dunston Hill Community Primary School

Here is what Sam, the school's music subject leader had to say about their recording experience:
"Using My School CD was a great way to kick start our Artsmark journey. The fact that it was zero-risk, particularly in the current climate of reduced school funding, meant it was especially good. The project inspired teachers to use singing resources hitherto untapped and inspired them to become singing classrooms! The sound engineer on the day was very patient and accommodating, particularly with our nursery children and he worked tirelessly to get the best out of our little performers.

Communication with the team was good and all the letters and artwork competition were provided for us. The arrival of our free Monkey Drum set – very high quality and gorgeous – just finished off a lovely singing experience for us. Thank you, My School CD!"

Sam McLean, Dunston Hill Community Primary School, Gateshead
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My School CD Record at Anston Park Infant School, Sheffield

On 16th June 2017, My School CD spent the day in Sheffield, recording a CD with Anston Park Infant School to mark their 50th Birthday!

Each class sang a song and then the whole school came together to sing Gary Barlow's 'Shine'.

Here's some feedback we received from Julie Wake about their experience working with us:
"Thank you for all your help in organising the CD recording today.  It has gone really well and all the children have enjoyed it – we even managed to get the local press to arrive at the right time! Thank you once again and a big thanks to our engineer for making sure everything ran smoothly."

Julie Wake, Anston Park Infant School, Sheffield
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50th Celebration CD
This year Anston Park Infant School has celebrated it's 50th birthday. As a school we have recorded a CD and given every child the opportunity to be Pop Star for the day. Each class sang a song and the whole school recorded 'Shine' which we sing together in Special Mention assembly. Whether you enjoy listening to music by Cliff Richard or Gary Barlow you will love our CD. We held a whole school competition to design the front cover of our CD and below is the winner holding her copy that she will be able to treasure forever.

My School CD Record at Kingfisher Primary School, Doncaster

On 17th June 2016, we spent the day in Doncaster, recording Kingfisher Primary School's Choir.

Here is some feedback from Louise Sutton, the school's choir teacher:
"Our choir had an absolutely fantastic day and everyone really enjoyed it. This was an absolutely fantastic experience had by all the children and they were really excited to receive the CDs, which were of high quality. The engineer was very patient with us, allowing us time to practice before we recorded, ensuring we got the very best from the children. I loved the fact that we were able to record any songs we weren't completely happy with again and just scrap the ones that didn't work on the day. Overall, it has been a great experience from the start (booking the project with you) to the finish! Thank you".

Louise Sutton, Kingfisher Primary School, Doncaster.
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My School CD Record at Swillington Primary School, Leeds

On 16th June 2016, My School CD headed to Leeds to record a whole school CD for Swillington Primary School.

Here is what Gillian Hemsworth, the school's music subject leader had to say about their recording experience:
"Thank you for giving the children and the teaching staff a super experience. Chris, the recording engineer was excellent and was very positive throughout the day, which encouraged everyone to do their best. The CD sounds and looks superb. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience".

Gillian Hemsworth, Swillington Primary School, Leeds
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My School CD Record at Newbottle Primary School, Tyne and Wear

On December 5th 2013 we recorded Newbottle Primary School.

This was a fantastic project, and the school provided a CD for every child in the school which is a fantastic gesture and meant that every child had a lasting memento of the project to enjoy.

Each class recorded a Christmas song, as did the school choir and even the staff choir joined in with the festive spirit by recording a song for the CD.

You can read the press coverage in the Sunderland Echo:

MOVE over Cliff Richard, a Wearside school is recording its own Christmas CD.

The pupils and staff at Newbottle Primary School had a recording studio brought to them so they could create their own festive music. The Houghton Road school invited the company, My School CD, along to help them plan and record the tracks.

Kevin Beston, deputy headteacher at the school, said: "We thought this was a great way for the children to experience something completely different, and the whole school has been involved with the project". He said they wanted the children to experience all the different aspects of being singers, such as rehearsing regularly, recording the songs and singing live.
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The pupils will be performing the music nearer to Christmas, both in school and for the benefit of the community. The children also helped create the artwork for the CD cover. Each class was given a song to perform, and has been rehearsing for weeks, and the school and staff choirs have also had their tracks recorded. The CD will end with a version of White Christmas, where the singers are accompanied by just a piano.

Mr Beston said: "It was a bit strange rehearsing Christmas carols at Halloween, but a couple of the children said they already had their decorations up! The CD is not just traditional carols - it's quite a modern style. A sort of Newbottle does Michael Buble".

My School CD went along to the school to record all the tracks and the CDs will be delivered to them before the children break up for the holidays. Mr Beston said: "Every child will be given a free copy of the CD to take home with them, which they can wrap up as a gift for someone, or keep for themselves".

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